Slide / glide 808s


does somebody know how to slide/glide 808s in Cubase 9 or Cubase 9.5? Or Cubase 10? (I would upgrade). I tried the Pitch-Feature in the Sampler Track, but Im not really getting the right sound. Is it possible to select a parameter in the individual MIDI note (the slide note) to get this effect? In FL it is super easy, you just activate the slide-triangle-thingi directly in the MIDI note.

I watched aaall the Cubase Trap tutorials on Youtube, but nobody gets that sound. Do you have a suggestion on how to achieve it? It is really the only thing I miss in Cubase.

Here a short Yotube Video that shows what I mean: The examples start 1:24 Min.

Thank you very much!!

Retrologue 2 search / filter drums, Deep Kick Mod and Synth Kick Smooth there’s also a glide on/off near the top left.

Thank you very much. I just tried it, but it is not the sound Im looking for… Im looking for the crazy slides glides that you can do in FL with real 808 Drum Samples. I even bought FL but I didnt know that you cant rewire it and they still dont have a FL VST to use it in Cubase (mac)! Thats really a pitty because I really want to use Cubase!

But thank you for your help!

Did you ever find out?

This video tutorial shows you how to do it with the Native Instruments Kontak player:

Technically you should be able to do it with Retrologue 2 also.
You might also be able to do it with NI Polyplex.

i am lookinf for a solution to do it but i can’t find.

I used cubase sample track and automation the bitchbend over 12 semitones but it is very limited

You have to use the Glide / Portamento.
They’re similar as demonstrated in the video link.

How it works is you have to adjust the Glide knob as desired and play two notes one rapidly / shortly after the other on your midi controller.

For example C1-C2 = Glide up. C2-C1 = Glide down.

The Kontakt Sampler or Retrologue might work better for this.

Cubase doesnt do that trick in no way as fl studio , for that fl studio is a winner on how easy it does that trick, you can do edm trap glides with bases but thats not easy too . I own alsof fl studio and your solution is simple … load fl studio as a plugin en do those 808 slides in fl studio while its synced to cubase … load fl studio as vst plugin … easier it wont get … dont limit yourself … ps ive tried it numerous ways in cubase and in no case the same results as fl studio …

tx16w could work but there’s no time stretch

I’ve made a video for you, hope this helps.