Sliders Movement

HI All
Just a quick question.
When watching a cubase artist video the other day i saw the guy somehow select a few channels &when he moved one slider (obviously in the mixee) they all moved. They also seemed to move proportionally with each other.
Problem is it did not show how this was achieved.
How does this magic happen?

You simply link the channels…?

Watch the tutorials

Hi there,

This is possible by turning on the “Q-Link” option (a button on top right corner of the mixer). When selected, changes applied to any parameter within a channel will effect the same parameter within all channels highlighted by you… hope that’s what you’re looking for…



Cheers guys. However i cannot find it in cubase 7 artist, is it only available in the big version?

it looks like this might me the case.

the “Control Link – Channel parameter linking” is unticked for C7A…

Yep its not a feature of Artist 7. Never mind i will just have to upgrade sometime :frowning: