Sliding audio from inside the Sample Editor


This one has been bugging me for a while.
Currently it seems there is no way to slide the audio from inside the Sample Editor.
I wish this function could be available directly from inside the Sample Editor (as a Tool for example), so that I don’t have to reach to the Project Window, enlarge the track, zoom in, then use Ctrl+Alt to slide the content of that Event. These are unnecessary steps for such a basic function.

Since we are able to select and display multiple Audio Events in the Editor, so that their waveform overlap, and choose which specific Event we want to edit among those who are selected, we would expect to have a slide function right there in the Editor, but this isn’t the case.
When I’m working in the Editor I want to be able to do all this stuff directly from here without having to navigate anywhere else on the screen and invoke various commands for it to be easy.

Moreover since Cubase 12, the waveforms are no longer transparent in the Sample Editor. This really renders the whole multi-select thing useless, especially when doing AudioWarp alignment. How about having your drum track in the background masked by the event you want to align with the drum hits? And since everything is opaque we don’t even see the Grid lines through the waveform.
Sorry but I’m a bit speechless at this design choice/change.

I hope this will be considered in future updates.


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Yes, 100% agreed - perfectly useful function/feature; has been broken behaviour from C11

Still there at C12.0.60 - Internal bug report ID of CAN-42798