Sliding audio parts together (a workaround)

I wish there were a feature where you could chop out all the audio you don’t want on a long recording and then tell Cubase “Slide all of that together” (with or without crossfades). Sliding a bunch of clips together manually is tedious and “Close Gaps” stretches the audio.

I saw a post about freezing the track and then importing the frozen file back to Cubase. This works, but you don’t have the option to crossfade so your cuts have to be clean and it still limits your options.

My workaround is to open the file in the audio editor, create clips of the stuff you DO want, then, from the pool, highlight them all and drag them into a new track selecting “All one track” as the import option. That way, you can crossfade the clips to get a smother transitions.

Just trying to find out if anyone else would like to see this feature.

Cubase ROCKS!


There are quite a few different ways of doing what you’re after. Bu I would suggest reading the manual to understand a bit more about the project window tools…

  1. Group the clips - then when you select one they all get selected (Ctrl-G shortcut)

  2. Bounce the clips - They become a single new audio part with the gaps being silence

  3. Use Auto Crossfades - then you don’t have to manually do the crossfades

  4. Put the clips into a Part - a container for audio clips to keep them together

  5. Put the audio tracks with clips into a folder - then you can move the folder part (only works if they’re close together)


Thanks a bunch for your condescending remarks about reading the manual. As a Cubase user since V1 in Early 2K, I’m am very familiar with every chapter of the 600+ page manual.

I was looking for a solution that actually DOES what I’m trying to do.

Maybe you should read posts more carefully next time before you comment…

Hey CinStudios

Just make a Macro like this:
Sliding Audio Parts together.PNG
Make a shortcut to this Macro.

So now you just select the first Part and play the Macro.
If you have alot of Parts, you can hold down the shotcut key and off you go :wink:

Best regards

Thanks Bo. It’s a good workaround.

I actually have figured out how to do it. If you use (default) Shift-Backspace after highlighting the audio you don’t want (with the selection tool) it deletes and pulls together. Then you can cross fade or not.


Sorry but. An RTM isn’t personal it’s practical (RTFM is though). I think, without anyone being telepathic, that he was telling you to re-read the Manual which has to be done for custom jobs like this sometimes.
I see you got it fixed. Good.