Sliding the contents of an event or part

I’m new user of Cubase (on Mac) so I am reading operation manual.

Operation Manual 64Page

Sliding the contents of an event or part
You can move the contents of an event or part without changing its position in the Project window. By default, this is done by pressing > [Alt]/[Option]-[Shift], > clicking in the event or part and dragging to the left or right.
When sliding the contents of an audio event, you cannot slide past the start or end of the actual audio clip. If the event plays the whole clip, you cannot slide the audio at all.

but it doesn’t move!

I think It have to use [Option]-[Cmd] instead of [Option]-[Shift].

Is it right?

You probably have snap on. Turn it off, select your event or part and drag it wherever you like.

It needs room to slide, try adjusting the end points of the event in a bit then slide.

I have snap off but it still doesn’t slide and it copy new event -.-

On windows it’s Ctrl/Alt to slide.

But as I said, if the event doesn’t have room at either end then you cannot slide. Try cutting a section and sliding that.

Is this functionality working now?
I would really like to have such a functionality!

Like Sony Vegas has

I don’t think anyone was suggesting that this feature wasn’t working 6 years ago. It has always worked fine for me.

This is definitely still not working on mac… I think it might work for windows users but mac users it does not work.

Command + Alt does the trick. There is a misprint on this link:

I’m using 9.5, it would be weird if 9 was a different.

Hi, In case someone googles this in search of an answer:

In Cubase 10.5 on a mac, hold down Option + Command, and hover with the mouse over the audio clip, and drag left or right. (When pressing Opt + Cmd you will see that the cursor changes its symbol when hovering over a audio clip.)