Sliding the contents of an event or part

Manual p. 64
Sliding the contents of an event or part
You can move the contents of an event or part without changing its position in the Project window. By default, this is done by pressing [Alt]/[Option]-[Shift], clicking in the event or part and dragging to the left or right.

I press Alt+shift, then click n drag and it create a duplicated shared copy.

Don’t know about this partcular function, but sometimes with these things they need to be done in a specific order, like first click and then Alt + Shift or some other combination. Give it a try…

Atlantis64, yeah, you probably can’t duplicate that action again. Sometimes the fingers fool you. :laughing:

Anyway, to do what you need to do, release the ‘snap on/off’ feature at the top of your Project window, LEFT click on the track and drag or push it to where you want it within the project.

(Assuming Artist has this option)

Double check your prefs to see what key combo is assigned to “Slip Event”

Prefs>Tool Modifiers> Select tool

I think you’ll find it’s Ctrl/Alt for slip event.

yeah, that would match the mac side’s default Command+Option