Sliding the Contents of Events

Hello guys.

In a Cubsase version 9 there was a feature when you could move content inside of selected clip to the left/right by pressing SHIFT key. But in Cubase 10 I can’t do it. Even if I press Alt+Shift it doesn’t work, there’s no left-right icon…

Do you know how can I move content?


Switch the object selection tool to “sizing moves Content” ?

Select it and then change the Offset field on the Info Line?

Try ctrl+alt then drag to slip edit, works here on my system with cubase 10

And with the sizing tool and the comp tool, pressing alt and clicking on the event cuts/separates the event. Very efficient way to to quickly fix timing on an audio part - alt+click to split at a beat or phrase, then ctrl+alt+click to slip it into time.