Slight bug: have to press enter twice to finish popover tempo indication

I have to press enter twice to finish the popover tempo indication and close the popover to get back to editing. This wasn’t there until the very recent patch for 1.2.10. j

This has bothered me as well.

Yes, it’s an annoyance, for sure. The reason it works this way is that the first Return completes the suggestion you have chosen, and then the second Return actually accepts the popover and creates the item. The cues popover already works this way, of course, and the playing techniques popover also now works this way. If we can come up with a way of improving this in future, we will.

Ah, of course: it’s set up to potentially accept a string of instructions. I suppose as an annoyance it is minor, and the suggestions can certainly be handy, showing options I hadn’t thought of.