slight delay in audio file after mixdown

I sometimes experience a slight delay out of sync on vsti or samples in the audio file after mixdown of all tracks. It only happens sometimes, and usually after another mixdown, everything is in sync. It can be both a slight delay on a drum sound or a vsti. I use only software instruments. Is this normal? Anything to do about it?

I hope someone chimes in here… :slight_smile:

Many have reported timing issues similar to what you have. I don’t think I have ever seen a good answer.

For me…
I too have had an ongoing timing issue (which I mentioned before on our forum). It started years ago after upgrading from CB LE4 to CB7 and still hunts me to this day in CB 8.5.

When I record either audio or a vst instrument using my keyboard to the click it sounds fine. But, when you actually look closely at the wave form you can see that it is recorded about 8ms in front (left) of the timing grid. Again, at this point, it sounds fine. Then, when I drag a midi file (like drums) to it’s track it gets placed exactly on time in relation to the grid. Now when played back the drums always have a slight delay.

So for any project I use VSTi drums on (virtually all) I have to move them about 8ms to the left to sound in time with the other tracks. Sucks but, I consider myself lucky because I only have to “fix” the one drum track. I suppose if I dragged in other midi type loop files to other midi or instrument tracks I would have to do the same.

Bottom line for me is that I think somehow audio and manually recorded midi gets recorded early. Midi loops get placed on time. Or is it the other way around… audio and manually recorded midi gets recorded on time and the midi loops get placed late. Who knows? :frowning:

So again… I hope you get some responses here. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure of, that it is the same problem, as I am trying to get help with. I don’t have sync problems when making the music or while playback. My problem is after a total mixdown of all tracks into one, some of the sounds are out of sync in that audio file. Can anyone relate to this, and what do you turn off or press to avoid out of sync issues in the final audio file?