slight delay

Using Cubase 5 essentials on the PC, WIndows XP. Im encounting a slight delay in the sound when I hit the keyboard til I actually hear whats being played. Can anyone please help. I dont think its too complicated a problem. In fact Im frustrated that I can figure it out myself.

It always helps to post your system specs and soundcard.

It’s called Latency, to reduce Latency you need to reduce the buffer size used by the soundcards driver.

I have the Yamaha Audiogram3. For some reason I cant adjust my latency

Does The “Direct Sound Input” have anything to do with adjusting the latency. I found it in my control panel button in my device setup

What driver do you have selected in Cubase?

Not as such, but it will allow you to route the soundcards input directly to the soundcards output for zero latency monitoring of the input.

ASIO Direct X Full Duplex Set up

That’s the problem… I don’t think the Audiogram ships with proper ASIO drivers, It may be worth trying the ASIO4ALL driver.

Google it and download.