Slight hiccup when changing tracks during playback, etc

I know this is probably answered but I’m not sure what to search for…

If I change selected tracks or mixer channels during playback, I get a little hiccup/glitch/stutter in the audio. It’s really fast, but a disruption nonetheless. Is this to do with ASIO guard?



This is caused by the automatic Record enable. By default, the track becomes enabled for record, once you select it. So the track’s Delay compensation is not used on the track. And this “shift” of compensate/not makes the hiccup.

Is there a workaround for this? I totally don’t remember these clicks when switching between tracks on my previous computer (just moved over a few weeks ago, both OSX, same audio interface), I’ve always had auto record enable set.

Try disabling “record enable on selected track”

Right, but like I said, I had it enabled on my last computer and I don’t remember these hiccups…could it be related to using a smaller buffer size? I think I was on like 512 on my old computer and it’s much lower now. In other words, maybe that larger buffer on the old computer gave it enough time to correct for the glitch?