slight lag when opening plugin GUI

I am a longtime hardcore cubase user (one of the few in Nashville) and just updated to cubase 8 pro from 6.5. My computer is an i7 with plenty of power and has worked flawlessly in 6.5 for several years. My primary complaint so far with 8 is that there is a slight lag when opening any plugin GUI from the mixer window…even native cubase plugins like studio EQ etc… If I open the exact same project up in 6.5 it is instantaneous when clicking on the plugin…but then again in 8 there is always a small lag… Maybe a 1/3 of a second (which is horrendous when mixing all day long as you guys know). So my question is, did anyone else have this same problem? Is it a problem just on my end (graphics card etc…) Or is cubase 8 just a little slower with opening plug in GUIs (casual users might not notice or care but the small difference is huge for me). Please let me know any info. Thanks!!

Brad Hill

Many threads about that. It’s a mouse hover time. You can save the time by using clik+Alt (Win OS) or double click. Search for more details in this forum.
Read this, too: