slight lag when rehearsing a part with remote guitarist

:smiley: I know that there’s a delay due to network, initially, is there any work around as me and a bass player in my studio, at the server were trying to rehearse a part with a guitar player in Los Angeles (we are in Denver) aren’t really having a problem but he is having a slap back issue, is this the network lag, is their any way around this network lag , so as we can play in real time, is Steinberg going to compensate this in either Cubase or the Connect pro, this plug in certainly has a lot of potential, also he is on 512 as a buffer, should we (while rehearsing a tentative part) try to take buffers down to say a smaller buffer size that will still work, maybe reducing this…dont know, just fishing for ideas, and yes I know concretely the plug in IS NOT DESIGNED FOR THIS, so please do not pipe in with that whole nonsense thing…just want to see if a work around will be in the works where musicians will be able to play in real time eventually practiceing

Sorry to “pipe in with that nonsense thing”…there are other applications trying to acheive online jamming which focus more on trying to bring the delay (latency, lag) down. The problem is that a) the internet itself is unpredictable and even good connections introduce delay, and b) from LA to Denver even the speed of light (which, unless you want to contradict Einstein, can’t be overcome) takes roughly 4.5 milliseconds which makes some 9 ms to and back, plus the sum of the latency of your and his audio system, each input and output latencies…most musicians don’t accept that large delays, so it’s going to be difficult.