Slight metallic sound in song -- What is highest khz available for Generic ASIO driver?

I am coming from Studio One where I used the ASIO4ALL driver.
In Cubase the ASIO4ALL driver allows me to pick up to 192khz sample rate. However, the Generic ASIO included only allows me to select up to 48khz, anything higher gives me a warning.
I noticed if I check the “Give ASIO exclusive” then the Generic allows me to select 96khz as the highest without a warning.
Here are the problems I am trying to trouble shoot:

  1. what is the highest khz the Generic ASIO driver supports? and
  2. when I select 96khz and use the ASIO4ALL driver, the sound is clear in my song. However, if I switch to the Generic at 96khz there is a change in the audio quality, and I hear a slight metallic sound to the song. Any ideas on this?

Could someone please help me with these 2 questions?

There is a simple answer: use ASIO4ALL.
Really, it is better in all regards than the Generic driver.

You are probably right but I still need to figure this out. In the long search that led me to post this question, I ready multiple people say that ASIO4ALL was not made by Steinberg and so it is not supported. I like ASIO4ALL but want to figure out Steinberg’s Generic driver as well.

There’s so little to do in the Steinberg Generic driver, but there is one checkbox that does something:

Allow ASIO Host... exclusive


Shouldn’t the Steinberg driver be super high quality seeing as it comes from a pro company?

This is not a driver that ships with Steinberg devices. Just a Generic Driver ;), e.g., for a device that has none of their own.

Anyway, @Johnny_Moneto has said it all for asio4all.


If you have a Steinberg UR44C interface, why are you not using the correct Steinberg driver for it? UR-C Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

It’s I who have the UR44c, I posted the image

I guess that’s why I shoud read posts properly before jumping in!

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Naa, proper modern forum behaviour is “write first, read later” :wink:

more on topic, I think by now Steinberg should ditch their generic driver and just buy out ASIO4ALL :grinning: