slight trouble with Divisi


I have a score with Double Basses Divided into
2 Orchestral Players (bar 5 until the end - bar 18)
of which one plays a Solo (bar 11-14)

In the Main Score the Solo Double bass occupies the top line and the orchestra players the two staves below.
I don’t want the Solo Player to be visible before bar 8. I somehow struggle to get this result, it seems if I change the Divisi at bar 5, staves disappear…

So I started from scratch again:
Bar 1 Divisi: Orchestra Player 1 and Orchestra Player 2
Bar 11 Divisi change (add a Solo Player), ok, the staff is now added above.
Bar 15 Divisi change (Only 2 Orchestra Players left).

Again this does not work: the Solo Double Bass Player ends up as a Divisi in the Cellos above…

My guess is, the tied notes into bar 11 generate a problem with Divisi change.

If one deletes the Divisi Flags, music does disappear…

I appreciate help :slight_smile:

[edit] I have put the Divisi at the beginning of the tied notes.
So far ok, but the Solo Player does appear below.
Is there a way to get the Solo line above the orchestra players?

This is the Divisi order at bar 9:

You will have to move the music around yourself, as the only thing the Divisi does is add staves below the existing one. It doesn’t move the music for you. Also you will have to babysit your system breaks a little bit, as Dorico has trouble moving from 2 to 3 staves; best to put the divisi at the start of bar 9 and break there if you can.

Paging the dev team here: another case that would be conceptually so much easier if Tutti 1 was the continuous staff and any Solos appeared at a new staff above instead of having to push down existing music.

Bedankt hrnbouma, I have now understood the concept. Moved the Tutti Basses down and put the music for the Solo Player onto the upper of the three staves.
So far, so good.
Now: At the beginning (bar 1 to bar 8) I only want to see the two tutti staves. I can’t seem to find a way to hide the top (Solo) stave without the music of the bottom staff disappearing…

Ok, I Changed the Divisi bar 1 to only contain 2 Tutti Players (after having moved the music up again).

Now there is a problem: the tied notes!

I can not find a way to tie or fake the ties from bar 10 into bar 11 in the tutti players:

This is the original score I try to copy:

It’s the same concept. Dorico always fills the staves from the top down: what is the Tutti 1 staff in the beginning becomes the Solo staff after the divisi change while appearing continuous in Galley view, and the third staff changes from not being needed for a two-way divisi (and therefore invisible) into Tutti 2. When this change occurs somewhere else than on a system break the results will be confusing. This in turn soon necessitates the separation of score and parts into separate flows or files because the parts will probably have different requirements for the locations of system breaks. And hopefully you don’t have slurs/ties across those system breaks because those are liable to disappear. The divisi feature in its current form has some shortcomings when dealing with complicated situations, and the developers have stated that they will revisit it somewhere in the future. But for now you’ll just have to do some babysitting.

Saw your edit only after I posted! This is exactly what I was talking about: the only good place to put the divisi change would be at the start of bar 9 due to the lack of ties across that barline. Another option could be to make a new solo player called “Solo-Kb.” and add it to the score & part layouts with Hide Empty Staves turned on, kind of defeating the purpose of the divisi function. I and several others have been insistent on the conceptual importance of Solo staves appearing above the main staff instead of pushing it down, but until now to no avail…

Thanks again, creating an independent solo player also came into my mind. I don’t think this situation as being very complicated and hope we will find improvement soon.

I ran into that same issue but I had to create solo players separately. It worked.

I’d also like to weigh in here with an example.

In the attached score, I have set up section players and I am operating in open meter.
I wanted to use independent time signatures to achieve independent repetitions between the different sections, but also between soloists and the section.
I encounter two problems:

  1. When I add a divisi, the old tutti staff becomes the solo, and a new staff is added below which is the gli altri. For me it doesn’t make sense, and if the Solo would be added above, I just could give it an independent TS and thus independent repetition markers.
    2)… if not adding an independet times signature loses all the barlines before.

So I am now stuck with two insufficient situations:

  • either as in the altos, where I have an unnecessary barline and need to redo all the repetition markers from before.
  • not having independent meter in my gli altri (which again is the tutti from before), but then have repetition markers from the soloist in my tutti, which I don’t want.

All in all I will switch to solo players, which is sad, because I like the divis indicators. (637 KB)