Slightly different OS X Mavericks question...


I’m hoping someone from Steinberg might be able provide some insight into what changed between OS X versions 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and 10.9 (Mavericks) with regard to Cubase 6.5.

Does anyone know what can we expect to fail or stop working? Are the incompatibilities limited to a subset of functionality. For example, if the problem area were VST but a user only ever used MIDI, then there might not be any issues at all if you see what I mean.

The reason I ask is that this page:


states cubase 7 is compatible with Mavericks but:

Older products not listed are not compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks

However, I installed Mavericks and Cubase 6.5.5 on an old iMac and was able to load and play a selection of my projects with no problems

I assume that when Steinberg imply that Cubase 6.5.5 is not compatible, what they actually mean is that it is untested, unsupported and not guaranteed to work.

So I think it would be useful to know in advance if there are any known actual incompatibilities as I don’t want to upgrade to V7 unless I absolutely have to.



Aloha K,

Kind of a ‘catch 22’ scenario going on here.

1-No way for Steiny to know in advance if they do not test.
2-And seems they are never going to test.

1-Try it yourself (and if you are so inclined, report back here so we all will know)
2-Time to move forward with newer soft/hardware.

Or 3-Move sideways and leave the Mac platform altogether. (sorry couldn’t resist) :sunglasses:


#3 is also a viable alternative.

Perhaps I was reading too literally “Older products not listed are not compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks”. I was interpreting that as “Cubase 6.5 will not run on Mavericks.”

Thank you guys for making the world make sense again. :slight_smile:

My fairly modest tests (audio/midi projects with no third party plugins or external hardware) suggest that Cubase 6.5 is compatible with Mavericks.