Slightly off topic

I’m confused over the sample rate in the project setup. I wrote in to the WL Forum but only go some wise crack about my inability to write.

Sample rate set to 44.1 K
I imported a film into C8 and got a warning that the frame rate was different than what I had set…I choose get frame rate from video. The warning went away. I worked on the adding the tracks for the sound track exported as 44.1 them brought them into the film project and they are off sync.
Then I tried an experiment and exported the audio from premier the only choice is 48 K
C8 asked to change the sample rate and did to 44.1 when I look at the audio from Cubase import and the exported file they aren’t even close.
Should I set the MOTU and C8 to 48 K for film projects.

What are the steps to get lock

Oh by the way the WL post did not have any Cubase questions it was more generic about are there tempo variations between the sample rates