Slimmer mixer, better overview.

And of course my suggestion is not controversial because the layout has been in use just fine before as in every normal mixer layout.
For example:
Cubase 5 mixer:

or physical standard mixer

+1… That’s what I would use if I could. So much more vertical space can be used for the Fader/Meter view. Ideally allowing for better layout of the upper section (routing).
However, I feel that the routing section is in even more dire need of remake, but that’s just me…

+1 I like this idea. Clarity and efficient use of space. I would say that either the fader knob should be a touch narrower or the meter area should be a touch wider so that the metering is very clear at all times.



+1 - should at least be an option in preferences!

+1 i would really like to see that!