Slipping clip content in Montage

Is it possible to slip the content of a clip in the montage while leaving the in and out points unchanged? I can’t see any reference in the documentation…

Ctrl+Alt drag in lower half

Not sure what you mean, because “splitting” means creating two clips, and when you split (S shortcut), then the left clip has the “in” point preserved, and the right clip has the “out” point preserved.

Thanks ASM and PG,

PG - I probably didn’t describe the action very well. Imagine I have one clip in a montage which is a section from the middle of a larger file. It has an in point and an outpoint, duration and content. I would like to leave the duration of the clip the same - but move the content of the clip so that the audio ‘slips’ within the boundaries of the clip (which remain the same) resulting in a clip of the same length and in the same place in the montage but with content from a different part of the underlying file.

ASM - thank’s for the shortcut.

I have WL. 11 LE on this machine and it doesn’t work. I’m guessing I need pro for this feature? Has it been in for a while, I have 10 Pro on my other machine that is currently out of action at the moment.

Thanks for taking the time.


You wrote “Slipping” but I mistakenly read “Splitting” :slightly_smiling_face:
Then yes, the answer from @ASM is perfect (+ on mac this is Cmd + Alt)

This feature is only available in WaveLab Pro.

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Thanks PG - support that never sleeps!



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