Slite latency in live play

I’m using cubase artist 6 on windows 7 and have a slite latency just when playing live not after recording, its on midi and audio can anyone help? ps can you tell how to add the equipment your using to my posts in the forum aswell?

HI Fakequitars

You know your posted in the german forumsection?

So heres your questions in german

Wie sind hoch hast du deine Buffergrösse eingestellt?
Was für eine Soundkarte benutzt du?

(ok can be mean like that)
What is the buffersize your using?
What soundinterface you use?
If i rember right your using a laptop and no soundinterface in that case i would suggest to record with lowest buffersize as possible and work with a higher buffersize to arrange you project. But be aware that you won’t be able to create a hughe project without getting issues like dropouts crackles and stuff.
Adice save your money and get a quality soundinterface with a good stable asiodriver.

Greetz Bassbase

Woops, thanks :laughing: