SLM 128 Loudness Meter

inside my computer it makes a lot of sense but the outside world is scary and LOUD! :confused:
so does anybody use this?
what do you do when you send it off to the outside world that never heard of R-128?
I mean, the vast majority of songs everybody else creates are climbing all over one another to get as close to 0dB as possible.
And now what do you do with your -23 dB signal?

Once you render your mix to -23 LUFS you then finalise to -10 RMS :laughing:

yeah, back at square one? :astonished: :laughing:

Bob Katz - Loudness: War & Peace

Bob is The Man! I just hope his predictions will become reality. Meanwhile I don’t see any use for loudness meter inside a DAW: use your ears. Let the mastering engineer take care about the absolute loudness … and hope your mastering engineer isn’t the one who mastered Metallica.

It’ll also give your mastering engineer a lovely margin to play about with then maximise to -10 RMS :laughing: