SLM 128 released

I just ran the different meters on a short commercial, and the results on all meters are near identical and within specs .
I used The Dolby media meter (both in 1770-1 and 1770-2) Waves WLM, Toneboosters and SLM128.


Thanks Fredo.

So would you say that the numbers I got are a bit “off” then, or within “tolerance”?

Within tolerance means within .1 to .3 difference; like your true peak measurements are showing.
Anything more than that (a full LUFS) would mean something is not correct.

Are you sure you are running the latest version of Dolby media meter? (Which has both 1770-1 and 1770-2)
Also be aware that all “dialog” readings within the DMM are based upon dialog recognition (as in the LM100), which is not part of the R128 specifications.

All I can say is that from the tests I did, on both real life content and EBU test files, the SLM128 is perfectly within specs, and on par with any other meter out there.


I specifically meant comparing to a 1770-1 metering plug like the DMM (“older”). That’s because the specs I’ve received so far in the US have pointed to “-1” and not “-2”. So my only question was how far apart the measurements are from each other and if one can use the SLM and know that one is “within range” of 1770-1 so to speak.

Would I be correct in thinking that the numbers to compare (DMM 1770-1) would be “All infinity” with “Integrated” and “All Short” with “Short Term”? Those and peak are really the ones of concern I suppose.


With all due respect, but that is something you can test for yourself with your own copy of DMM.
The DMM has both options. And the upgrade from DMM 1 to DMM 2 is a free upgrade.


Uh, that’s what I did. That’s what I posted.

There was a slight discrepancy on short-form material, which is why I asked what the experience was for other people.

Just tested another file. This one was about 4:30 long. Like the other dialog/music, but more sound effects.

DMM (1770-1):

All Infinite: -14
Peak: 3

SLM 128:

Integrated: 16.5
Total Peak: 5.6


Just tried it and it looks very good! :slight_smile:

Will there be a Leq feature aswell at some time? Maybe there is already but would be great to get a positive read out (i.e 86 dB instead of - 24) too.

If that makes sense… :unamused:

I find it quite useful.
I really like the fact that it colour codes the measurement, so that you immediately know where you are. Also it does not use too much screen space. Quite a nice little tool.



This meter is great… but I can’t work out what the peak or little arrow on the red/yellow graphical meter is showing, it doesn’t seem to relate directly to any of the numerical values. Steinberg don’t specfically mention what it is in their literature.

So for example in the attached image, I have a true peak of -4.2dB a Short Term LUFS of -21.4… but the meter is regularly busting above ‘0’… it makes me wonder if it’s some kind of K-scale or something? The number directly below the graphical meter is the momentary LUFS.

Hmmmm … not sure what you mean.
Do you know the details about the R128 measuring.
'cause it’s a measurement over the length of the program material.
As long as you end up with -23 LUFS, your program material should be fine (if there are no other restrictions imposed by the local broadcasters) In other words, along the way, you can have peaks to -20 or-18, as long as you end up with -23LUFS, you should be fine.

Or did I misunderstood the question?