Sloppy timing in Cubasis 2! - I did some testing

I’ve noiticed that the timing in Cubasis is not tight. It seems that the playhead holds back so there is no consistent timing - like my cpu is holding back. This is VERY annoying, and hard to check by ear… It almost drives me crazy.
So I decided to record the audio coming for my headphone jack of my iPad into my laptop to see if I could SEE the timing problem in the waveform.
After that I did an audio mixdown in Cubasis of the same audio to compare…

As comparison I did the same for Caustic and BeatMaker 3 just to be sure that my iPad had no performance problems.

• the Cubasis audio recorded from the iPad shows timing problems
• the Cubasis audio from the mixdown shows solid timing

I used a square wave as sample as it is easier to align the wave files. After aligning in Ableton I made close ups of 3 sections (marker 1, 2, 3) to show the timing of the 16th notes.

My setup:
iPad 2017
iOS 11.3.
Cubasis polyphony: 24
Cubasis hardware latency: medium
Used 1 track only with internal Mini Sampler
Audio interface: Zoom u22
Only 1 app active at the time
iPad is in flight mode

Even when I’m recording just the metronome sound and Cubasis show timing problems when It’s playing back a project…

Total view of the wavefiles:

Zoom-in at marker 1

Zoom-in at marker 2

Zoom-in at marker 3

What causes these timing problems? In Mixdown the timing is correct but timing ought to be constant in playback too.
Does it have anything to do that Cubasis doesn’t send / process timing information along with the events?

Yes I often get timing issues with audio tracks within Cubasis.

iPad 10.1pro
iOS 11.0.3
Recorded audio sometimes runs out of time till the next down beat
It’s not perfect, it needs some updates to fix several issues.

Mixdown a 4 minuet song, end up with a 15 minuet wav file…???

You need to select
Record between locators and make sure your markers cover the length you want including tail if any.
If you do this then you won’t have to select “include effect tail” and your track will be the correct length.