slot # 14 where Slot#1 should be

For years, I think back to Halion 4, when I open Halion, slot#14 is where slot#1 should be. Have tried to save multies, screen setups, ect. to no avail. This happens stand alone or in cubase 9. Can anyone tell me how to get Halion 6 to start up with the slots in the proper order?
Thanks :neutral_face:

Hi comsax1,
here is a step by step guide :

  • launch HALion
  • arrange the order of the Slots in the Slot Rack by drag and drop
  • open the context menu of the Multi Programm (see attachment) with a right click
  • select “Save as Default”
    Save as default.jpg
    best regards

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Gerrit. I can’t figure out how to put you on the Thanks list, but thank you for taking the time to help me out.

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Thank you too FenderChris :smiley: