Slot Positions needs a rethink.

The whole presentation of slot positions for Insert and Sends etc needs to have a rethink.

In N5 it was possible to choose a slot position for a particular type of insert. For example I could always put the same type of effect into Insert slot 7 and thereby see at a glance whether or not all relevant tracks have been given the right effect. I would often leave Insert Slot 1 empty on vocal tracks in case Melodyne was needed because that is where it likes to be.

In N6 this seems to be impossible - there are no slot numbers and it seems to be impossible to see all 8 slots at the same time, unless one of the tracks has 8 inserts/sends assigned to it. If a track has no inserts, the first one assigned HAS to go into slot 1, the second HAS to go into slot 2 etc - this is far less flexible that the previous versions.

Perhaps one way round this would be to add a dummy track to every project and fill all of the slots with something - that way all real tracks would display all available slots (although sadly they would still have no visible slot numbers and all be black as coal) - I know - It’s crazy!


If I understand you and n6 correctly I completely agree. I too prefer to see all inserts when expanding, occupied or not. And as you mention there are good reasons for always keeping a certain insert available when working, and for inserting on some spots before others.

So, +1.

Thank you sir!

I hereby retract my “+1”.

Excellent - I retract my ‘1’ but would still like to see slot numbers brought back and a means of getting rid of the overall blackness to aid visibility. Some means of globally changing the rack space colour would be nice.

Increasing the width and height of the racks actually makes things very slightly more legible/visible.