Slots in 8.5


I’d like to buy WL 8.5 but I am not sure about the limit on master slots.

  • Does the WL Elements include the new Post-processing slot in the Master Section?
  • Does the Master slots limit include a Dithering/Limiting slot?
  • If yes to the above do these slots count as one of the max 4 or does the limit increase to 5, 6 etc?


WaveLab Elements 8.0 has 4 plugin slots + 1 dithering slot.
WaveLab 8.5 has 10 plugin slots + 1 dithering slot + 1 post-processing slot

So Elements doesn’t get the same 8.5 update?


Thanks Philippe

Shame about that. Elements has almost everything I need and it’s $99. Guess I will wait for Elements V9. :wink:

+1 vote for get a post-processing slot in a future update.