Slow activation of outputs on VSTi

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem.

On any VSTi track, when I try to activate extra outputs on the rack, it is really slow.

When I click on one of the radio buttons, nothing happens for a few seconds, but then the button changes colour.

If I activate several outputs, I can click down the list, then wait quite a few seconds before any of the small radio buttons changes colour. They change in blocks. So I click to activate 16 outputs, wait a while and ten will change at once, wait a little longer, and the last few will change.

This happens with Hallion, Play, Kontakt… So not a specific plugin.

I have put a short video here:

I think this may be part of a broader set of performance issues, but I am trying to narrow down problems. So I am interested if anyone has seen a similar issue and what they did about it.




No, I don’t have this issue either on Mac nor Windows. Do you have latest Cubase update installed? Is your system up to date? Is it reproducible with all VSTis? Are they up to date?

This is a new installation on a new PC (well, a couple of months old) and everything is up to date. It happens on any VSTi.

Is it up to date?

No issue here either. Wondering, in general, how your computer is behaving. Do you see similar lags elsewhere?

Regards :sunglasses:

As I said, everything is up to date

Generally very fast (especially with Video and things like Daz 3d rendering). But I am not wonderfully happy with the Cubase performance at the moment. In some ways it is good, in some ways not so good. For instance, I have a template with 20 instances of Play and 20gb of loaded Hollywood Orchestra, plus piano and bits, and that plays fine and everything else, so far.

But I am having a bit of a fight with latency and Fabio managed to bring my GUI to a stuttering halt by loading up a ton of effects, all open. :smiley:

I think this may be something to do with my 14 core i9 and an issue with Windows 10 that is way above my meagre computer skills. I am hoping Fabio gets time to prod some more, but in the meantime, I thought I would see if anyone else had had this issue and would maybe say “Hey, press that!”

Oh, well.

I guess your computer is “too good”. Ugh!

Fingers crossed that Fabio assists. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: