Slow Audio Bug (not sample rate)

Every time I open a project, the first time I press play, everything works normally. Every time after that, however, the audio is slowed down and choppy. This problem is new with Dorico 3.5 (or maybe new with the new Windows 10 Build 19042…?). I have checked the sample rate option in Device Setup, and it is set to the only available option. The only fix I have is to temporarily change the ASIO Driver to a non-functional one (such as FL Studio ASIO) and then back to General Low Latency ASIO Driver (the one that normally has always worked). Then, after one play again, the audio is slow and weird (even when inputting notes). This is happening with both the built-in playback templates and Noteperformer.
I attached the debug file below in case it is useful.
Neo Winter Scott

EDIT: To clarify, I don’t just mean that the tempo has slowed down, but the samples themselves have as well.
Dorico (1020 KB)

Hi Neo, thanks for the data. From the logs I can see the switching between audio drivers, but there is nothing that indicates any errors or misbehaviour in regards to the audio.
Is it possible that you make a short screencast, so that we can hear what it sounds like?

Not too long ago we had another user with distorted audio after a Windows update ( ), could well be that your case is similar.
It would be also good to have from your machine a recording with Windows Performance Recorder. So please check if on your system the Windows Performance Recorder is installed. I don’t know if it is preinstalled on every Windows edition, on mine it is.
If you have it, then run the recorder in parallel to Dorico. Press the ‘Start’ button in the Performance Recorder and then bring Dorico to make that slow audio. Then stop the recording and save to disc. The data may become pretty big and you won’t be able to attach it here. Please use a file sharing service like for example DropBox instead and post a link to it here.
Thank you

P.S.: I will be away for two weeks vacation from tomorrow and won’t reply in a timely manner then.

I have the same issue. I am running on 19041.388. This is a very frustrating issue, as it effectively pervents me from working with Dorico.

Welcome to the forum, haunthemayor. Can you please provide soem diagnostics so that we can attempt to diagnose the issue? Please choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report to create the report, and attach it to a reply here.