Slow audio edit response in N12 - any solutions?

Working on a 20 min project, roughly 60 tracks and 300+/- audio files. Mac Studio M2 with 64GB. For some reason, whenever I drag the start / end of a file, use the Mute tool, perform any kind of ‘real time’ change to audio files on the timeline , the responsiveness of Nuendo slows waaaaay down. Just dragging the end of one file to extend it by a few frames can take 5 or more seconds. Has even crashed on a couple of occasions. Crazy.

Normally N12 is super snappy for me, but some projects suffer from this real sluggishness. Searching past forum topics hasn’t provided any kind of solution - can anyone suggest what might be causing the problem?

Seems to be something that only affects audio extracted from .mxf files using the Field Recorder import - wonder if there’s a connection to the audio originating from a polywav? Sheesh - more digging required.

Found the solution - as so often, user error.

Thought I’d checked all the files for active ARA extensions but missed a hidden folder that was muted too. Inside, a ton of Auto-Align extensions on files that hadn’t been made permanent - discarded the extensions and everything’s back to normal. Feel a bit dumb for overlooking it, but glad to get a solution in the end…

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