Slow audio? NOT SOLVED, Sadly

I have nothing else in use except cubase and the settings look correct, but testing audio recording using my voice through my iPhone 13 just results in incredibly slow , unrecognisable audio

I thought it was my Bluetooth connection to my computer and car sync that was causing the trouble, but I tried today, even with Bluetooth off, and i still have the problem!

I even turned my hearing aids off, and that didn’t help either

So I’m stumped, but i’ll just use it for midi

Hi horestags,
I have to wear hearing aids which gives me a wrong listening experience due to incorrect frequencies that I can actually hear, but I recently bought a pair of brilliant Bluetooth ear buds that have changed my world when listening to music, the problem is when using them with Cubasis there is a latency problem that I can’t solve, have you encountered problems like this at all? and if you have were you able to correct the issue?

Hi fixitmania53

I have only just got Cubasis and still going through the manual :grinning:

I don’t know whether blue tooth earbuds will help me as I’m quite deaf without hearing aids and they are adjusted for my frequency losses, whereas the earbud wouldn’t be

Saying that, if they work for you, great

I haven’t noticed any latency as such, but all I have literally done is add a couple of notes on a midi track and spoken on an audio track (where i found the slow problem)

My main daw is cubase on desktop, so Cubasis is mainly for any ideas I have when I take and wait for my granddaughter at extra lessons in the evenings during the week

I have over an hour to spare in the evenings waiting there

I just wish I could afford an iPad :grinning:

Hi, @fixitmania53,

Genuinely sorry to ‘hijack’ this thread, as it’s not really Steinberg-related at all. Ergo, I’ll try to be quick:

I have a friend (who works with v.loud machinery) and a brother-in-law (who’s severely diabetic) both of whom require hearing aids.

Both are bothered by how they will look and one of them is concerned about affordability (of the better quality and miniaturised devices). Neither of them know what they’re looking for nor which manufacturers can be relied upon.

Given your experiences, are there any brands you’d recommend, as well as ones you’d perhaps avoid? I’m a stalwart Sennheiser headphone / earbud user - and have been for 39 years(!) - so I cannot advise them in any meaningful way as my experience only includes Beyer, Sony, AKG, Shure 'phones, as well as the aforementioned Sennheiser - and does not include any company which started off or has broken into the listening aid marketplace.

Whilst I recognise you’re possibly (probably!) on a different continent entirely, from initial research it would seem many of the leading companies tend to have global reach, so may well have a UK presence.

Thanks for any insight you can provide and, once again, my apologies for expropriating and repurposing your thread; however, I highly value personal experience in such matters, over-and-above sales rhetoric and marketing hyperbole.


Apologies too go to @horsetags .

Hi Steve,
I think it is important for so many people to get their hearing tested because hearing loss does not just happen overnight, it creeps up on you over a long period of time, unless you were exposed to sudden deafening loud noises.
My wife would talk to me quietly sometimes and I kept thinking- why is she speaking quietly? I was convinced my hearing was fine, I did start to wonder why my trusty iPod was starting to sound a bit lifeless, so I went to my doctor here in the UK and explained I may have hearing loss, besides all my life I have worked or repaired large noisy machines and presses.
An appointment was made for me to see the Audiologist at our local hospital, he conducted a test in a completely sound proof room, I was told to press a button very time I heard a beep. After the test was finished I was expecting to hear everything was fine but how wrong was I, in fact I was absolutely shocked to the core with my results which were shown to me on a graph. I was then prescribed a pair of Oticon hearing aids that that sits discretely behind each ear and a very thin clear plastic tube attached to an ultra soft plastic dome that fits inside the ear. Because I have dark hair with many white highlights :man_white_haired: the hearing aids are practically impossible to see unless they were pointed out.
The frequencies that were lost over time were boosted by the Audiologist on his laptop, there is also a function that increases these frequencies further for listening to music which I have found to be a god send, leaving the hearing aids switched to this hi-fi setting would knock a day or two off the battery life which normally lasts 8 days, my over ear headphones work perfectly with them too without causing feedback due to a tiny tiny (that’s not a double print btw) tiny mic at the front and back of each device.

The most amazing feature about these Oticon hearing aids is…….they are completely FREE on the NHS because of my age, I also get a free supply of tiny button batteries every few months. I urge anyone in England who think they may have hearing loss to get tested. BTW, now I can hear properly again I realised that my wife’s quietly spoken words was her asking me to do some chores, now I have no excuse DOH!

My Bluetooth earbuds I mentioned in my post above are in a different class of hearing and because they only connect to my iPhone or iPad, they can’t be used in every day use.

I forgot to mention the Bluetooth earbuds can be set up using a app that’s normally available with many brands, the EQ inside the app is brilliant and you can really boost bass/mid range and treble to how you last remember clearly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here is my recently made cover of a Tangerine Dream track I have just finished, listen to all the sounds in the background, these would be completely inaudible without my hearing aids, the track is a cover from Quantum Gate, it’s called “it’s time to leave when everyone is dancing”
Here is a link to the track


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Hi Steveecrane,

I am from the Uk and o get mine free on the NHS

Mine are Oticon hearing aids and I don’t care what I look like, and I would not be without them

I am 72 but have worn them for years and private ones can be smaller, although mine are quite neat

Sorry I can’t help you anymore, but these are adjusted to compensate for my frequency losses and I have a pair of beyerdynamic headphones which are just big enough to go round my aids, but I do need to turn them down a bit to prevent feedback when they’re on :slight_smile:

Hopefully one day I will be able to buy the open backed versions

I would tell them to get the proper hearing tests carried out and then get the aid(s), even if they just wore them whilst composing, but I know I could never live without mine

Snap :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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I finally got it working, please tap on Dropbox link in my post above👍

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Thank you BOTH for taking the time and effort to respond. I will relay all your comments back to both of them, especially as one is a proud 49-year old who can’t even bring himself to mention it to his mates for fear of judgement.

I have to be honest, though, but I am absolutely shocked at the price of these things! It’s exploitative, IMHO.

I agree with you and I’m so glad I didn’t have to pay, but if I had to pay and I was given a weeks trial before purchasing, I would definitely have changed my mind and paid rather than go back to my hearing loss……100% :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m deafer than you :slight_smile:
I need the type that has a bigger tube and they took mouldings of both my ears and I now have a fitted , shaped insert, whereas yours are like my daughters

Her hearing loss is not caused by the same thing as me so not as deaf, luckily

I have the option app, but what’s the eq one you mentioned, as I have trouble hearing very low frequencies?

I agree 110%

I cannot live a normal life without them, and would have taken a loan out or something if I had to pay for them

Amazon does the batteries cheap, but my tubes are £8 for 4 sets, so I’m glad I get them through the nhs!

Hi Paul,
Under my photo of a Oticon hearing aid I wrote :

“I forgot to mention the Bluetooth earbuds can be set up using a app that’s normally available with many brands, the EQ inside the app is brilliant and you can really boost bass/mid range and treble to how you last remember clearly”

The app I use is titled JBL Headphones, the EQ has presets for different using types and a custom preset which covers the whole frequency range, my earbuds are JBL Wave Flex (148/8597) from Argos, they cost £49.99 but the sound quality is amazing, the bass almost rattles my teeth - it is deep. The problem I find with them when using Cubasis is latency, so I now work on my tracks using my OneOdio over ear headphones (tremendous bass) and do the final mixing using my JBL earbuds to get a true sound quality.
I have the same problem with lack of bass using my hearing aids, if I take them out I lose the higher frequencies but the bass becomes louder, so unfortunately the inserted dome must be acting like a sound blocking filter😟
Are you saying you have an app for your Oticon hearing aids? I have checked the App Store and could only find Oticon apps for Bluetooth aids, are your ear pieces Bluetooth :thinking:

Wow, that sounds really good!!

Those are some nice (and clean) synth sounds and I’m guessing you used a sequencer for the repeated parts.

Mind sharing what tools (plugins?) you used to create this?


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
Here goes.
CUBASIS 3 :trophy:
The main sequencer loops is done using ButterSynth, I listened to the original track and created a preset, I used the mod wheel to control the filter Frequency, this was laid down as Midi CC messaging. When the frequency increased so did the envelope release time and changed the gate time, so I added a midi CC control to slightly reduce the release time the higher the filter got and then increased the release time as the filter decreased, it was a bit time consuming at first but then I just copied and pasted these events for the entirety of the track.
I used three more Butter synths to play the deep bass, the growl fx from 34 seconds into the track and the pink noise leading into the main melody at 3:49 seconds.
Seven Synthmaster 2 tracks. The main melody solo was played using a SM2. The strings used three SM2s because they were note hungry and tended to steal (prevent) some notes from sounding.
Three Synthmaster One tracks,
Three DigiStix 2 tracks using different drum sets.
One Sunrizer track to create the chord stabs from 1:18 seconds
One Lowetone track added bass growl from 1:18 seconds in.
An awful lot of Automation for pan, volume, Waves H-Delay level, Reverb levels

I had to freeze the ButterSynth sequencer track because for some unknown reason it would miss notes, but I’m so glad I did this because not long after I froze the track, there was a update for ButterSynth and this wiped out the Midi functions completely and Midi Learn no longer works!

Oh, no. In the last few months I purchased ButterSynth. I hope they resolved the Midi issues.

All in all, sounds like a lot of work went in to creating that cover.
It sounds fantastic, that’s for sure!

Thanks for sharing how you made it.


:smiling_face: thank you John, many ours of tweaking I can tell you :hot_face:
I emailed the developer about this issue and he said he will issue an update soon :+1: