Slow Burn - My new(ish) song

Here’s a track I wrote & recorded during the 1st lockdown. I drafted in a couple of my friends, Stefan on Bass & David on lead guitars to play on it. Such skilled players, they really made all the difference. Mastered it with Landr and garnished with some truly devastating dad-dancing moves, I’m sure you’ll agree. :laughing:

For streaming:
Lee Limerick - Slow Burn (

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Hey Chubs, great song! You’re right about 3 things - bassist is fabulous, lead guitar is fabulous, and you can’t un-see the dance moves. Really good vocals. How did you like Landr? Sounds a little bright to me maybe? What was your mastering process before? Your tracks always sounded professionally mastered to me, so this is interesting. I was thinking of trying Landr.

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Haha cheers, I’ll pass on the compliments to my choreographer (my dog).

I guess if it’s a bit bright, that’s probably my mixing, I’ve been told I do that before.
Actually, everything I’ve posted here I’ve used Landr, been using it for about 4 or 5 years now. I did experiment last year with the plug-ins that I have to see what kind of job I could do in comparison, but I could never get even close. If you wanna try it, I can run a track thru it for you.

I think a good mastering engineer with good gear will always do the best job, but for me this works just fine, I can just drag & drop and know I’m gonna get a good master.

Impressive sound my friend, super vocal, very pro radio ready song, I’m afraid the wop wop all the way through the song spoit it for me…otherwise, pretty awesome…

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Hmmm dammit, yes now I’m totally conscious of it all the time! Maybe I should have left it only just in the intro. This is gonna bug me now :woozy_face:
Otherwise, thanks, much appreciated!

Very nice work on this. It sounds great and is performed really well. I’ve gigged primarily as a bassist, and I second Leon’s comment about the bassist and his playing.-very nice bass sound. You’re a fine vocalist too. That PRS lead at the end made me think right away of Santana. I liked this!

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Just perfect. I’m listening early morning, as i know i have a tough day today. That song gives the exact energy i needed. Yeah !
Ps: we need to see your dog…

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Cheers guys!
Altho I have to say, that wop thing is really bugging me now. I just focus on it when I listen to it now. Luckily it’s just as easy to bin it & re-release as it is to release in the first place, just a web form to fill in. I dunno if it does any harm to its rating, but in any case, these days I guess it might just get 25 plays instead of 30. I’ll post an edited version later.

My dog… :sunglasses:

I’m a bit late catching this one … but, glad I did!

Your dad dance moves remind me of my own. In other words, AWESOME! :rofl:

Really cool stuff all around. The song itself would be a winner, but the video adds so much.

Skills, for sure. Much respect. :sunglasses:

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Outstanding vocal performance, great instrumental performances, and outstanding production on this one!

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Thanks so much guys!

Scab, let’s hook up a routine for the next video and change the course of dancefloor history forever! :laughing:

Great song, it’s one you can connect with on the first listen. Love the lead guitar sound. :grinning:

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