Slow contextual menu

Using Dorico Pro 3 now. A nice update! But I still find the contextual menu rather slow (selecting anote and using right-click). Not all items of the menu load, and some only load after I move the mouse over them after waiting 2 seconds or so.

Can you make a screen recording to show this problem in action, please? Don’t skimp on the resolution: record the whole screen. If you need to send it to me via WeTransfer or similar because it’s too big to attach, that’s fine.

Thank you for the reply. Just sent you a video of the problem. Hope it’s clear.

Sad to learn that this issue was not resolved. Contextual menus (mouse right-click) are painfully slow on a second monitor (my main monitor). No other app shows this behaviour.

FWIW, I’m not seeing any problem with contextual menu. (MacOS 10.14.6)

Unfortunately we’ve been unable to reproduce this problem at all in-house, and we cannot fix what we cannot reproduce.

Perhaps this is an issue with my computer’s sound card. I should be upgrading my laptop soon… so let’s see…