Slow Cubase Support

Hi, I send a request to cubase support 10 days ago. The ticket is still open I haven’t received an answer. Is it normal?


It can depend on various factors.

What are you having trouble with? Maybe someone here can help you.

Hi Romantique,
I downgraded from Cubase 12 Pro to Artist. Now Cubase Artist 12 doesn’t work. Cubase 11 Artist works fine.

Please take a screenshot of your Steinberg Activation Manager. Was your Cubase Artist 11 grace period eligible, and you got a free update to Cubase Artist 12?

What upgrade did you purchase according to your receipt/purchase confirmation email?

What do you mean by this exactly?

Hi, I upgraded my 11 Artist to 12 Artist. Some days later I upgraded to 12 Pro. The day after I asked to downgrade to 12 Artist. Steinberg has disabled Pro license but now 12 Artist doesn’t work.

There is no downgrade option. How did they carry this out for you - was it a refund for the Artist to Pro update that you received?

What licenses show in your mysteinberg account (Steinberg Licensing section)?

Also check your voucher sections, it’s possible that if the above did occur they returned you a voucher for the original Cubase 12 Artist for you to activate perhaps? Not read of downgrades like this before however.