Slow display since Cubase 10 (lag on scrolling)

Hello guys,
I’m an happy user of Cubase Pro 8 for years now, and just upgraded earlier this week to 10.
All works nice except I have a problem on display.
I red that this was a problem appeared since Cubase 9 so maybe one of you guys have the solution :slight_smile:
When I move the the tracks within a projet by holding the wheel mouse button, the movement is not smooth and clear, it’s laggy. Something that not happens on cubase 8. And this absolutely kills my eyes :frowning: . I tried to change the colors to match Cubase pro 8 ones but still the same. I work on 3 screens and the same happens on the 3 even if they are in different resolutions. My main screen is an LG running at 25601080 the orhers 16801050. I’m on PC, windows 8.1 on NVIDIA GEforce GTX 1060 6Gb Updated drivers (Nov 2018)
Here is a video where I’m on the same project on cubase 10 then 8 to illustrate what’s going on.

I move a lot the tracks while i’m working and at this moment I don’t event want to work on cubase 10 because on this problem…
Do you guys have already had this problem and a solution ?? Thank you all.

Hello guys, Any Idea ?
Steinberg support don’t get back to me, I submitted a ticket a week ago !!
What can cause this slow framerate on cubase 10 ? cubase 87 works perfectly on the same computer :frowning:
Thank you

Same happens to me, also very slow and laggy when changing volume values in the top section