Slow down audio

I want to slow down an audio track so that I can Play along with it at a more manageable tempo.
I’ll record my performance with Midi, and then Bring it back up to the original tempo.
Any suggestions?

I thought I had discovered an easy way to do this, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

hi @dg2468,
Make your audio track in musical mode and just change the tempo !

I did that and it didn’t work.
I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

The little note icon in the inspector is yellow.
The ruler thing set bars and beats.
I’m not using the tempo track though. Do I need to use a tempo track?


Think I figured it out.
I need to use “set definition from tempo.”
I selected the audio track I wanted to slow down,
Then I went to audio, advanced, set definition from tempo.

Also have a look at @raino’s postHow Musical Mode and Linear/Musical Timebase Interact

Thanks. I’ll check it out.