Slow Export on M1 Chip

We’ve tested a 50 minute documentary Session on a new Mac Studio (Base Model).
Opened in Nuendo 12 (Rosetta), the Session itself was really snappy, but the export times were double than on our 2 years old Windows DAWs.

If we launched the program in Native M1 support, the export times got even worse, almost up to 3 times the windows-time. Any ideas?!

Can you install N11 on that Mac Studio and do the export? Just to complete the picture…

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While it is odd that the native version would be even worse, that it is slower than your Windows DAW isn’t a huge surprise. The M1 chip was designed for efficiency, not max power. I know Apple’s marketing likes to claim that it is both low power yet also the fastest chip in the history of ever, but they have a long storied tradition of, shall we say, “exaggerating” the truth. All the power that Intel and AMD chips use goes in to feeding their large amount of transistors and high clock speeds and that gets you more performance. Perhaps in time Apple will make chips that are power hungry performance monsters that match or exceed them, but the M1 is not that.

That aside there is an issue of optimization as well. For really high performance stuff, like audio, sometimes developers go in and hand optimize assembly language to really squeeze performance out of chips. That’s great, but limited to a specific architecture. So a new architecture like the M1 won’t benefit from that until they do it for that platform as well and that not only takes time to do, since it can be very different, but you have to get people trained in how it works. We aren’t talking something simple either, the technical manuals for processors are thousands of pages of dense information.

So for highest performance, I’d stick with Intel for now.

One odd thing about Nuendo that I’ve recently learned, is that exports are quite a bit faster with larger buffer settings, so you could try that if you haven’t already.

Are there any third party plugins involved?
Maybe one is performing worse on M1 and that’s the reason…