Slow Export time

Since I just started to work in 8.5, I noticed the audio export is far slower now than in previous versions of cubase, does anyone else experience the same? On my system it now takes (almost) the same time to export a song the regular way as the real-time export.


Do you compare exactly the same projects? Which Cubase version do you compare with, please?

hi Martin. I can only compare 8.5.1 with 7.5.4. I dont have other versions on my mac at this time. Something wrong or this is normal? Incidently, 8.5 has better CPU performance on same projects than 7.5 with lower latency settings, so I am just curious on this.

Lower latency settings, that’s the reason.
Try setting the buffers to max and try to mixdown again.

You are right, peakae! Little faster but not that much. (I tested the max buffer to compare). I didnt know that even after thousands audio exports…!

It depends highly on the sort of tracks used. I don’t have that much difference on projects using lots of VSTi.
But a audio only mixdown went from 3m30s @32 buffers to 25s @4096 buffers.
Something i was not aware of just a half year ago.
Now I kick myself every time I forget to up the buffers before mixdown :wink:

It’s weird that it makes a difference. I would like to know how this fits in to the real time performance video that is pinned.

I am having the same issue, but will have to give the buffer adjustment a try.

I am wondering, is there any reason why Cubase doesn’t automatically increase the buffer to the maximum just while audio exporting?