Slow File Diagnostics

If it’s not a bother, could I submit a file to be looked at for slow performance? I feel I’ve browsed most topics here regarding slow performance and can’t alleviate general performance issues. I do a lot of symphonic, multi-flow MusicXML imports from Finale and I wonder if there’s just more going on under the hood that I’d be unable to diagnose myself.

I need to ZIP the project in the Silent template, then create a Diagnostic Report, then an MSINFO32? Do I need to do anything within the Dorico file before producing this report?

Thanks kindly for any help.

Attach the project and let us know what specific operations you find slow.

Thank you for the response Daniel. I’m afraid the file even zipped is too large. May I send it by email with the other diagnostic files?

Operations which I find slow are navigating between Modes, between Galley View and Page View, creating a new Paragraph Style, creating a new Playing Technique, placing a new Playing Technique (though, I think this is not slow in the Silent template), copying and pasting any material. A non-exhaustive list but I hope this helps. Anything bigger than these operations is also very slow, but those are more-or-less avoidable with advice you’ve given in other topics and posts.

If you email the file, it is a good idea to include a link back to this thread for Daniel’s reference.

That is a good idea and I’ve done just that. Thank you.

If you emailed the files to me, Joshua, I’ve not received them. My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Changing mode will be slow if it involves switching between galley view and page view in the same tab (e.g. going between Write mode in galley view and Engrave mode, which will always be in page view). Switching view type is slow because Dorico has to recalculate the whole layout. You can somewhat trade this set-up cost against the cost of having edits occurring in two layouts at once (which will be slower than edits affecting only one layout) by keeping one tab open in galley view and another in page view. Creating a new playing technique will be slow the very first time you do it in a project, but will thereafter be no slower than adding anything else.

Daniel, thank you for letting me know. I don’t seem to have messed up the address, so perhaps I’ll try sending from a different email address of mine.