Slow Graphics Geforce 210

More problems with Nvidia Geforce 210 Graphics.
Tried the 3d settings fix to No affect.
Midi & Audio edit pages slowly fade in. Laggy scissors & line tool when on the move.
No problems on Cubase 7.5 all works perfectly.
Anyone found a solution yet or is it Cubase 8.3

A suggestion to try…
If your graphics card has a different output (HDMI, DVI, etc) try switching to the other and see if it improves things.

If you try it, please let us know the outcome. Thanks

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Hi Prock,
It’s a 2 monitor set up.
One on vga the other dvi.
Edit screen is the vga so will try changing to dvi & see if it makes a difference.
Thanks for the idea.

Hi Prock,
Makes no difference which connection vga or dvi have the same lag with scissors or line tool also on arrange page as well as edit pages.
Also on occasion size of part won’t work with mouse wheel on edit or arrange pages.
Microsoft mouse & keyboard.
Tried rolling back to older graphics diver with no luck.


I reported this issue, please see this thread: (my posts are further down the page).

[Edit: Added ref. thread]

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Thanks Fabio.
Also noticed that if you move your mouse pointer over the two pages open (arrange page & Mixer) on the task bar it causes audio drop outs.

New drivers for Nvidia Gforce 210 make no difference at all.
Still glitchy.