Slow Input


I’m working on a score, but input of notes or anything else is very slow. At least 1 to 2 seconds to see the new entry in my score.
I use VSL Prime Edition.
My Computer runs with Windows 10 with 64 GB ram.

Someone can help. It’s extremly difficult to write like this


Can you say a bit more about your project? How large is it? Do you find the performance any better if you switch to a different playback template, e.g. HSSE+HSO (Pro) or Silence?

Hi Daniel.
I tried out different Play templates, Always the same.
The Score have 30 Instruments & Choir

I’ve had similar issues when using the lock feature in write mode (galley view) and a midi keyboard (komplete kontrol). When I’m done playing in the replacement notes it’s a good two or three seconds before the screen reflects the changes. Entering text or making edits (eg. moving a note up/down) have no delays. None of the delays seem related to sound. I’m also on Windows 10, 64gb, nvidia gtx 1050. My scores are mostly organ or piano. I figured it might be because I had multiple flows (50+). I find in setup mode if I select just the flow I’m working on things go faster.

I Have only 1 Flow.

Do you have any midi devices connected - keyboards, for instance? If so, does Dorico speed up if you unplug said devices?

(Occasionally faulty MIDI keyboards can overwhelm Dorico with constant MIDI messages.)

I have now created a new score template.
Now it works.

I don’t think it is flows. I’m also unable to replicate any of the delays I had in the past whether with many flows or only 1 flow. I lean toward what pianoleo said about midi devices. It could also be a program running in the background in windows.