slow mix export process

since 8.5.15 the mix export of the whole project has distinctly slowed down. it is like realtime mixing or slower, even when there is minimal plugins involved.
i also often have the symptom that the progress bar is stuck at 0% even though the slow export process is actually happening in the background.

Exporting has got gradually slower over the past few versions. Why?

For me, UAD plugs are the main culprit, the EMT 140 plate slows things down considerably, which is bad because I use it on almost everything.

Often I now export in real time because it’s faster.

I agree about UAD. I find that if I only use native plugs the export certainly goes a lot more quickly. Me I’ve fallen for the AKG BX 20. My guitars cannot live without it. I also have been using the Waves Abbey Road Plates which I like a lot.

i use UAD on almost every track. will try what happens if i disable them.

Also set your ASIO buffers to the highest possible before doing a mixdown, that at least helps with native plugins.

turned out the Aether reverb was the sucker!

That is interesting to know. Aether or B2 are in most of my projects. I’ll try an export without it later.

I just noticed this yesterday. I tried disabling a few plugins, which decreased the export time slightly. I then disabled all plugins, which gave a small boost. Finally, I increased my buffers to maximum, which gave another small boost. The problem is, with all plugins disabled plus maximum buffer settings, my CPU usage is still around 50% and the export time is rather slow.

Another thing is that the progress bar only works on about 20% of the exports.

Cubase is among the slowest DAWs in exporting busy mixdowns. The more plugins you have, the slower it is even if you export just one single track. As if Cubase would be calculating entire mix in realtime no matter if you export even just one track.
And render in place is even slower - you can try to export a track using normal export, and compare to render in place. Normal export is several times faster.
To me it is also strange tha offline render is dependent on buffer size - wouldn’t it make sense that offline render would have its own large buffer size, optimal for fast render?

I often use the mixdown as an excuse to make a cup of tea, or catch up on my emails on the laptop!

i too noticed that it is actually faster to batch export tracks (which includes all the plugins on their channel) than to do the render in place function.
as i said in another post: with cubase-updates it is mostly 1 step forward, 0.8 steps back.

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