Slow preset loading

Are there more users experiencing long loading times when clicking the preset browser in the Cubase plugin browser?
Most of the times it takes more than 10 seconds when all presets are available and sometimes it keeps scanning an scanning and nothing happens.
It happens also when using non Steinberg plugins but than I usually use their own preset browser without any waiting.
I am using an SSD.

Is there some workaround for this.


It’s terribly slow here too, running a M.2 SSD. What helps is scanning the folders at the very bottom of media bay, Factory Content and User Content. The preset system is like a subsystem of media bay.

Anyway, it feels like something is wrong/bottlenecking inside of this .0 version of Cubase, hope it will be fixed in the upcoming update.

Thanks I will try this, because mediabay is also very slow sometimes

Do you have long loading times elsewhere? How long does it take to open the key commands window for example? For me it’s taking 30 seconds in C10 as opposed to 2 seconds in C9.5. I agree that there seems to be some sort of bottleneck across the board

Menus, pluginlist etc. open immediately here.

Now I know why presets where loading slow because in the Mediabay I had checked all my harddisks with samples on it after I unchecked these from the mediabay presets handeling is way faster. So that’s good but that also means Mediabay is not usable when it’s handling a lot of audio files, loops, samples because it slows everything down. This does not happen with the Ableton browser so I have to use this one if I want to listen in sync. Why is mediabay scanning everything all the time this makes it Mediabay useless which is a shame.

Re: previewing instrument presets

Just wanted to post same issue. My Media Browser works fast and as it should, also with gazillion of samples.


The preset browser takes 35 sec to load. It’s never under 35 sec. No matter if it’s a track preset or VST fx preset.

@Martijn70: are you using Windows 10?

I’m also using SSD. Maybe its something to do with SSD sleep mode or power management in recent win updates? Haven’t had the time to test it yet… Then again, SSD seems to work in all my other apps without any lag and it also worked before in Cubase…

Update: As it turns out, I had an external SSD drive (which I use for backups) mounted in Media Bay by mistake. I probably had duplicate copies of the same samples on that drive as well. Maybe that also caused the problem. External SSDs in Windows have also been known to fall asleep without waking up again :laughing: .

After I unmounted the drive, the presets loaded instantaneously. Oh man, it felt so good to have my preset browser back again!

If your experiencing long loading times in your preset browser, try unmounting your drives in Media Bay one by one. My guess is, you will find the culprit pretty quickly.

I have a DREAM SYSTEM…M2 SSD & Samsung Pro’s with RAPID ENABLED… And YES Same Here !!!

Sometimes it takes 20 seconds, minumum 15 seconds too see PRESETS ! Once they appear then everything goes normal. But when you open the presets menu first time it takes SOOO LONG !!!

I’m sure it’s a BUG !

If indeed everything goes normal after initially loading Cubase, this is not a bug. This is an autoscan that happens once you open Cubase. You will also notice that any files you uncheck in your User folders will be automatically re-checked once you close then re-open Cubase.

I hope someday they give the option to disable the auto scan, and give control back to the user.

Definitely a bug of some sort.
I am having slow loading times in cubase 10, and in all previous cubase versions it loads within a second.
Everything has been scanned of course.
But no matter what, when opening vstpreset menu, it takes 20 seconds to load results…
sometimes ill get one result immediately and then the rest after 15 or so seconds.
Not sure why its happening, any solutions?

Ok, good to know. I just wanted to clarify that upon Cubase initially loading, there is an auto-scan that can take quite some time, and this auto-scan automatically checks your user folder and all sub-folders even if you want some of them left unchecked. This behavior did not happen with Cubase 7, but I’m not sure when it changed.

You are referring to opening VST presets menu, and yes I too have experienced a slow-down. However for myself it’s not anything close to 20 seconds. It’s more like 1 or 2 load almost immediately, and the others take 3 to 5 seconds. In the past it seems it was almost instantaneous.

Same problem.
This is very bad for my working flow.
This needs to be fixed.

same problem
all facotry content & presets on SSD.

Are people here talking about saved vst fx presets / user fx presets and VST instrument presets ?

If so is it because it’s loading the whole plugin each time ?

The same thing happens here

I always get a few seconds of beachball opening Key Commands Menu.
10-15 sec for track presets, sometimes longer. Same with the Vsti-Vst FX list on side browser. Gave up creating presets because of this. Not having this problem with Live or Studio One. All my user content is instant.
All my libraries are on external SSD. iMac 2017, Macbook Pro 2018 with Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave systems.
I have trashed the prefs, changed the e-licencer key but still the same.

This problem is so old that many of them who struggled to solve it and created a bunch of topics in every version of Cubase, have already given on and accepted the fact they would never deal with it.

We will have to accept that this evil will never leave our computers and will continue its path

I initially though I solved my slow-mo issue, but its back… I will spend some time troubleshooting this weekend and see what I can come up with. I am sure there is a solution…

same here.
using SSD.
kontakt libraries and 3rd party plugins their preset browsers load very fast.
But cubase’s preset browser and media bay are unbelievably slow.