Slow Project File

I have a project file for a song i really like, but for some reason, on this project, the midi keyboard is lagging behind behind alot when i play it. If i open another project, there is no latency. I tried removing different VSTs and audio tracks to see whether it was a plugin that was the culprit, but nothing solved the issue.

Any ideas?

When you play live or playback after record? What’s the status of Constrain Delay Compensation in bad project vs. good?

only when i play live. playback has absolutely no problem. There’s a lag only when playing midi, or playing DI guitar (for instance). And what is constrain delay compensation?

Icon that looks like a clock at the top of the project window. Index of the operation manual will point to a complete explanation.

Thanks, that works! For some reason, when i turn that button on, it makes some of the tracks in my project much quieter.

Probably turning off some high latency plugins. Look up what the constrain button does.