Slow render even with master section bypassed

Is this a bug ?
The situation :

  • A heavy plugin configuration on the master section,
  • BUT master section is either manually switched off (left top corner switch in red), OR the Bypass master Section is clicked in the bottom right corner of the editor or montage window
  • If I try to render a simple 16 bit wav file in mp3, the resulting file is of course not rendered through the plugins, so that works, BUT it takes a long time to render, AS IF it was going through the plugins. Of course if I do " Reset Master Section", all is back to normal

The button at the top left is “bypass” for playback only, not render.
The option to bypass for rendering is found in the picture below. The idea is that the option is part of the render preset and hence can’t be forgotten.

This being said, individual bypassed Master Section plugins are not rendered.

But I agree this is a bit confusing, and maybe WaveLab should bypass the Master Section when rendering, too.


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