Slow responsiveness when changing the pitch of a note in a drumset (macOS).

Strictly saying, a “note” in a drumset is not a note. I use the term “note” to help you developers know what happened.

I tested this issue on both LowDPI and HiDPI display, and found that the note-repitching responsiveness in drumset clefs are much much slower than that in piano clefs.

I wonder 1) whether this issue was similar to the one I emailed to Daniel in late 2015 (at that time Dorico 1 was just released and I found the redrawing efficiency issue when shifting a certain amount of notes +8ve or -8ve everytime, and that issue was resolved quickly).
2) whether this will be optimized in the next update.

P.S.: I am using Dorico 2.1.1067 (Aug 13, 2018).

It’s not the redraw speed that is slow here: when you “repitch” a note on a percussion kit, you’re not in fact repitching anything, but rather moving a note from one instrument to another, and some complex transformations may need to take place (concerning tuplets, renotating more music than just that single rhythmic position if the note ends up joining a voice that already exists, etc.).

Thanks for your explanation. I edited my original post according to what you explained.