Slow save time

Hi friends! After owning Dorico for years as a final editing tool after composing in Sibelius, I’ve decided to actually compose my first piece from start to finish in Dorico 3.5. I’m loving it! That said, saving takes around 20 seconds to complete. My computer is a new rack mounted Mac Pro with 16 cores, 96 Gb of RAM, and all hard drives are SSD or NVMe drives. The piece I’m working on right now is just unaccompanied SATB. I’m using Orchestral Tool’s “Tallinn” as my choir playback (lovely library). Note entry, navigation, etc, is smooth. Saving is super slow. My Dorico file size is 2 Mb. I’ve loaded the samples directly into Dorico. Could this be the problem? Would it be better to use VEP to host the samples? Thanks so much! I’m kicking myself for not taking the deep dive sooner!

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Use VEPro to load your sample libraries and decouple from Dorico. The files will be much lighter and the saving process much faster.

Thanks, Marc! I’ll give it a try. Out of curiosity, is a 2 Mb file size big?

2mb really isn’t big, and 20 seconds sounds unusual. Just to check - you’re saving your Dorico projects locally, right?

I think so. I’m saving to an internal hard drive.