SLOW start Cubase 13 WinRT, Checking licenses

Between WinRT and Checking licenses as tracked using Task Manager, I am experiencing SLOW (5 minutes plus) load times for Cubase 13. I have seen posts from other users trying to hack their own machines to find out how to get around this very big annoyance, but no definitive information on how to fix. Please, Steinberg Engineers - please give us a clue as to how to shorten the load time – I am just about to start regretting upgrading to v13. Thanks. JMS
Win 10 Pro 22H2, 64 GB RAM I9-10900K@3.70 GHz


How is the WinRT, mentioned in the title, involved, please?

Upon starting Cubase 13, it “hangs” for a very long time, initializing WinRT MIDI.

And then “Steinberg Hub” goes “not responding” as seen in Task Manager. Very, very slow to resolve. Steinberg Engineers, please advise. Thanks


Does it help, if you remove the WinRT driver option in the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup, please?

I had exactly the same issue, nothing helped, disabling/enabling the WinRT MIDI did not change anything (also I opened a ticket, no solution so far). Even when the WinRT MIDI message disappears, Cubase still hangs, the hub does start as usual as jms4th described

Maybe interesting to know: I switched to Nuendo, though both DAWs are basically identical in terms of the platform, Nuendo starts within seconds (identical PC)

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This is interesting. There must be something different in the systems, which makes the change.

Could you install Cubase or Nuendo to the other system, just to be able to test, if the difference is in Cubase/Nuendo or in the system, please?

What me really makes wonder, the issue did not happen with earlier Cubase 13 versions, AFAIR from one day to another it happened, maybe after an update or so.

On my notebook Cubase 13 started flawlessly. Unfortunately I cannot longer start Cubase as the license was deactivated for reselling (already approved by Steinberg as far as I can see).

Hi Martin,

Good question – I looked at the MIDI ports setup and the WinRT box is NOT checked.

Did this get solved? I’ve got really long load times - it hangs on winRT MIDI for ages - like 15mins.

I’ve got quite a few virtual midi ports I wonder if that’s anything to do with it?

For information. I’m on Nuendo 13 and it stays long time (2-3 mn) on WinRT checking licenses. WinRt is not selected on Midi ports setup. Any other ideas ?