Slow startup and freezes in Nuendo 12 no problems with Cubase 11


I recently upgraded from Cubase 11 to Nuendo 12, but I am experiencing issues with Nuendo 12.

When I start the Program it gets stuck at: Initialise: VST 2.x Plug In manager" for either a very long time or it freezes completely at this point, so I only task manager can close it.

I never had these issues with Cubase 11 and when I use Cubase 11 which is still on my PC this issue doesnt occur either.

What could be the culprit?

I have this VST 2 plugin manager really long start time also. Havent found the culprit yet though some say it may point to WAVEs. Do you have Waves plugins?

Here’s how I divide and conquer: If it’s VST 2 plugins, go to your vst plugins folder (there may be more than one folder location) and move half of the dll’s out of the folder (into another temporary folder on your desktop.) Then launch Nuendo. If it’s still slow, remove half of the remaining etc etc until you find the culprit. Fun stuff!

Stop the Antimalware executable from examining the “vst2xscanner.exe” process.

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