Slow Strings are impossible

All the strings I have tried seem to have a very fast, abrupt attack on them.
I’ve looked for a way to slow them down but I’ve notice there is no attack knob.

How do I make slow strings?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Which strings have you tried? The HALion Sonic SE instruments (including HSO) have an attack knob in the amplifier section.

thanks for your reply, and sorry my bad… I hadn’t used it in months and posted the question based on my memory of what the problem was.
After you replied I loaded it up and played around and indeed there is an attack knob, but there is no release knob.
So the actual problem was that the notes end abruptly.
Slow strings often need a nice long release on them but there doesn’t seem to be a way to achieve that?

My HALion Sonic SE has a release knob to the right of the attack knob :confused:

I’m running Halion Symphonic Orchestra Pro and there’s no release knob

Sorry, I misunderstood - I’ve just checked back and the old HSO player doesn’t have a release button for the samples I looked at. Maybe the Pro library will be updated at some point.

Its a real shame.
The sound quality of HSO is really good, but the lack of Release control makes it pretty well useless for Movie Soundtrack style strings.

There are ways around the abrupt release. Try the multis, or try a velocity mod patch. Try legato and let the notes overlap a bit.