Slow to open Cubase

Cubase hangs on Initializing MIDI for about 10-15 seconds it seems. Any way to speed this up? I’m running off an SSD and this doesn’t seem to help.

Mine does that and I’m pretty sure its to do with (in my case) either the Roland or Korg USB midi drivers that I have to use (Fantom + TritonX).

Anyway, I recently cleared out all the unused USB drivers and all of my USB MIDI drivers by following the advice on the link below. It worked well and reduced it to a few seconds.

But once I turned on the Fantom and Triton again, which caused they’re drivers to get re-installedand, its back to 40 seconds… I’m also thinking that its slightly longer if the keyboards aren’t actually on, i.e. something waits for a reply a bit longer but doesn’t get it - I could be imagining this though!